Who am I and why am I writing?

For what will most likely be my first and last post on this blog (realistically speaking) I would like to introduce my self.

Who am I?

Andreas Heiberg. I’m many things not sure how to express it without hitting too many cliches. Down to the bone I’m and entrepreneur who loves to code and takes great pleasure in design as a spectator. I currently live in London working for Powaband as a Senior Developer.

Stepping back a bit I just moved here from San Francisco where I ran my own startup Kanler. 14 months prior to that I moved from my birth city Copenhagen. It’s been a wild year and a half, which I might or might not write a post about some time.

Why am I writing this blog?

I actually used to write this blog on a different domain many years ago, with some success. But after years of neglect the domain was bought by someone else :(

I’ve chosen to get it up and running again. Not really a big writer nor a fan of writing, so why am I doing it?

Every year I read and learn about a ridiculous amount of stuff. This blog is more or less just a dump of some of those things. It’s a nice visualization of progress that is otherwise easy to oversee. If you gain some value from it as some did from it’s predecessor that’s great!

What will I blog about?

I’m coding the majority of my week which is usually reflected in the posts. On my mind right now is Debugging PHP, Speeding up Homestead (Vagrant), Caching and E-Tags, BrowserSync and Elasticsearch.

Can’t promise some of my traveling, design interests and general thoughts won’t slip in here, but I will try and keep it tech related.