Meditation and Consciousness

I’ve been aware of the benefits of meditation for years, but never really got it to be part of my daily routine.

I’ve however made some inroads and been able to do it everyday for two weeks now. I don’t write to report of profound changes to my life. But I have been feeling great! I’ve uncharacteristically been getting up early and refreshed.

More interestingly I’ve been thinking and reading about meditation and the concept of consciousness.

Two great resources popped up:

  1. A talk from David Lynch about consciousness:

See the full talk here.

  1. From perhaps my favourite blog a long post about consciousness. If you know anything about waitbutwhy you will know this post is too long and too good to meaningfully summarise. It’s not a self help post, but a meta post setting the concept of consciousness in connection to mediation in context.

Read the post you won’t regret it, and then subscribe to his posts, you can thanks me later.